Fieldscape | Iron Mountain Hot Springs - commercial landscape architecture
Iron Mountain Hot Springs - commercial landscape architecture
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Iron Mountain Hot Springs

About This Project

Iron Mountain is due to open in July, 2015, after a fast design and approval process.  The main idea for the project was to build a series of hot springs modeled after those in Pagosa Springs, only much better.  The intimacy and passive nature of the individual pools and the active character of the main pool offer a welcome alternative to Glenwood Springs’ existing hot spring facilities.  Using the site’s underground hot water,  seven hot tubs, a main pool, play area, a main building, a lookout tower, a mechanical building, a snack shack, a water feature, site parking, pedestrian and bicycle access from the Caverns, were all laid out in a Master Plan to be implemented over time.  Because of its initial public reception, it will be an immediate success and the overall vision will be realized much sooner than anticipated.


“As a member of the design team, Ric’s willingness, imagination, expertise, experience and professionalism were invaluable in meeting the client’s vision, goals, schedule and ultimate quality design for this project. His personable demeanor, problem-solving ability, and attention to details make him outstanding in his field and a joy to work with. I look forward to working with him again on future projects.”


Rob Classen

Architect, The Drawing Board
Glenwood Springs, CO


Rob Classen
The Drawing Board
Glenwood Springs, CO

Work currently in progress