Fieldscape | Dennis Residence - residential landscape architecture
Dennis Residence - residential landscape architecture
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Dennis Residence

About This Project

The new owner recognized how difficult and uninviting it was to get to her home shortly after she bought it.  A large transformer posed a significant obstacle for driving movement and was an eyesore.  How to deal with it was the epicenter of, what came to be, a major site renovation which included the cooperation of her next-door neighbor and every conceivable municipality and utility company in Beaver Creek.  This logistical challenge resulted in building a “cabin” over the transformer to appear as if it was an old miner’s cabin.  The siting was such that it was the center of a circular drive which, in turn, was bisected by a water feature that begins on her next door neighbor’s property and runs along her home to the back patio.  Because the next-door neighbor was inconvenienced, they wanted Ms. Dennis to build a play area for her kids which so happens was in a ski-in easement for the neighbor on the other side of them.  Appeasing all parties and acquiring all required permits was a big part of making Ms. Dennis’ home much more inviting, usable, and successful.