Fieldscape | Cordillera Valley Club - commercial landscape architecture
Cordillera Valley Club - commercial landscape architecture
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Cordillera Valley Club

About This Project

The original developers of the Cordillera Valley Club didn’t realize what a success this development would be.  Had they, improvements along the main spine road would have been much more upscale to accommodate the high level of homes being built today.  These homeowners have greater expectations for themselves and the community.  The Homeowner’s Board realize this and set out on a very ambitious effort to bring the environment up to expectations, a project which began in the fall of 2014 and will continue through 2015 and, likely, 2016.  All intersections, entries, and common areas will reflect the goal of creating a natural Rocky Mountain environment with a bit of contrast to their natural setting.  It’s this challenge – of balancing nature and a manmade environment – which will set the Valley Club apart from other exclusive developments.