Fieldscape | Lake Creek Residence - residential landscape architecture by Fieldscape
Lake Creek Residence - residential landscape architecture by Fieldscape
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Lake Creek Residence

About This Project

Lake Creek Residence

This family is relatively new to the Valley, though they’ve visited for years. It was only until recently that they could act on their longstanding desire to live here full time.  They settled in an older house in Lake Creek and decided to upgrade it to suit their lifestyle. After hiring a well-known architect, they turned their attention to the outside of the house and asked if I would like to help them with the transformation.  I agreed, of course, and began a pleasant dialogue with how they live and how, in turn, their outdoor spaces would better accommodate them.

It began with problem-solving the site drainage and turned into more aesthetics for the front of the house and living spaces in back.  Water has to shed away from a structure, which wasn’t happening in all areas around the house. What we created was a dry creek in which water can move away from the foundation, a lemons-into-lemonade approach to site drainage.

A home office has a stunning view of, and access to, a pond on property on which we capitalized. This office patio connects to a larger main patio, but in such a way as to discourage heavy traffic from the main patio to the office patio, thus preserving privacy.